We provide advice to both employees and employers with respect to wrongful dismissal claims, employment contracts, severance packages, and any other employment related questions.

Wrongful Dismissal Claims:

We have represented individuals who have been unjustly dismissed from their employment and have also represented large groups of employees effected by office closures or mass layoffs. Our goal is to attempt a speedy resolution of any claim but, when necessary, we take our client’s claim to Court to ensure our client receives a just and complete resolution of their claim.

Review of Severance Proposals:

Sometimes, just a simple review of a severance proposal is all that is required. We can advise you if the severance proposal being offered is fair in all of the circumstances and allow you to make an informed decision before making a final determination of your rights. We can also design and draft severance agreements if necessary.

Employment Contracts:

We can either create or review an existing employment contract to advise of the meaning of the many terms within and to educate our clients as to how these contracts can affect your legal rights. Sometimes simply knowing what the contract means can help client’s ensure they know what they are signing and what rights they can expect to flow from any agreement.

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