Ask A Lawyer – “Can my child’s other parent deny me parenting time because of COVID-19?”

Although the Government of New Brunswick directives for COVID-19 change at a rapid pace, the messaging around parenting time with children has remained the same: it is still a priority.

It is a child’s right to have time with both parents as much as possible and to the extent that it is in their best interests.

Generally speaking, COVID-19 and related government restrictions are not valid reasons for one parent to deny the other parent time with the children. Children may even be entitled to cross provincial or national borders in order to see a parent.

Court orders relating to parenting time are still enforceable.

One of the few exceptions is during a period of self-isolation for either parent’s household, because of travel, exposure, or other reasons. During that time, children cannot travel back and forth between households.

Parents are encouraged to do their best to make arrangements that work best for their family and keep everyone as safe as possible. If issues arise that cannot be resolved, please call and ask to speak to one of our lawyers at Mosher Chedore.  

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